pc tower & computer bits & bob's in Chesterfield, Derbyshire for sale

pc tower & computer bits & bob's

Pc tower & computer bits & Bob's hard drive & RAM & graphics cards &, power packs & USB card & SD card reader & there a half built tower & there a graphics card that is brand new in box never used it & hard drive fans & fans & there is 2 gb RAM for laptop there is 1gb RAM for pc towers there 2 of them and they are few other things SATA connections for hard drive & DVD rewriter & DVD ROM to make them into SATA & monitor leads & power leads there is loads of computer bits every thing you need to build up a pc tower I've already built-up a pc tower already which needs Windows putting on it there also 2 keyboards & 1 mouse & a pair of headphones and few other different wires too there are few pics of the stuff so u can see it a bargain for price